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Варна - Екопарк Венелин

Directions: Eco Park Venelin is located 30 kilometers from the city of Varna. To come from varna, please take the highway to Burgas, make a right at the Haramiata intersection, then a right again to Avren. You must drive through the village of Avren, make a right again at the T-intersection, and go all the way to the village of Venelin. Just before you enter the villages you must make a left turn and drive to the park. To easily find your way there are signs on every intersection form the highway to the park showing how to get to the park.

Pricelist of services

Accommodation for 2 persons (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Holidays) 40 lv.
Accommodation for 2 people (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) 30 lv.
* Accommodation for 2 persons (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Holidays) 35 lv.
Weddings / Celebrations (from 15 lv. / person) 15 lv.
Fishing fee (calendar day): 10 lv.
Fishing fee (Prohibition period): 15 lv.
8th and 9th pool up to 2 rods
Catching a fish:
Catching a fish (catfish):
Shooting with air gun (10 rounds): 2 lv.
** Amusement park "Tarzan" for children and adults: 2 lv.

* Promotion is only valid for renting 3 or more rooms at once.
** Accompanying parent.