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Варна - Екопарк Венелин

Directions: Eco Park Venelin is located 30 kilometers from the city of Varna. To come from varna, please take the highway to Burgas, make a right at the Haramiata intersection, then a right again to Avren. You must drive through the village of Avren, make a right again at the T-intersection, and go all the way to the village of Venelin. Just before you enter the villages you must make a left turn and drive to the park. To easily find your way there are signs on every intersection form the highway to the park showing how to get to the park.

Fish restaurant "Park Venelin"

 "Eco Park Venelin" includes Fish Restaurant that offers large variety of dishes from the Bulgarian and Mediterranean cuisine. The guests of the restaurant can select from many choices of traditional Bulgarian dishes and rich assortment of fish meals. In addition, the Restaurant offers live fish that can be captured and freshly cooked by our Chief Cooks.
The Restaurant offers over 50 seats in a comfortable atmosphere and excellent conditions for family as well as large business and social events.
For all events, please contact our office where you will be guaranteed excellent service and low prices.